·20211116 The membrane-associated E3 ubiquitin ligase MARCH3 downregulates the IL-6 receptor and suppresses colitis-associated carcinogenesis 2021-11-22
·20211013 Differential m(6)A RNA landscapes across hematopoiesis reveal a role for IGF2BP2 in preserving hematopoietic stem cell function 2021-10-28
·20210901 Extracellular and nuclear PD-L1 in modulating cancer immunotherapy 2021-08-25
·20210808 IL-36γ and IL-36Ra Reciprocally Regulate NSCLC Progression by Modulating GSH Homeostasis and Oxidative Stress-Induced Cell Death 2021-08-25
·20210802 WDR62 regulates spindle dynamics as an adaptor protein between TPX2/Aurora A and katanin 2021-07-21
·?20210709 mTORC1 activity regulates post-translational modifications of glycine decarboxylase to modulate glycine metabolism and tumorigenesis 2021-07-21
·20210622 The RNA-binding protein LUC7L2 mediates MITA/STING intron retention to negatively regulate innate antiviral response 2021-06-30
·20210324 YBX1 is required for maintaining myeloid leukemia cell survival by regulating BCL2 stability in an m6A-dependent manner 2021-04-06
·20210101 Abnormal neocortex arealization and Sotos-like syndrome-associated behavior in Setd2 mutant mice 2021-04-06
·20201203 DNA-PK deficiency potentiates cGAS-mediated antiviral innate immunity 2020-12-15
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